BEST’s Recruitment Philosophy:

Joining BEST means a lot to each and every member of our staff since BEST provides an optimal work environment and several privileges. Our employees’ motto is “We are all BEST”.


BEST offers remunerative and competitive salaries equivalent to each employee’s qualifications and in accordance with the competitiveness of the work market. Based on this concept, BEST succeeded in attracting the best qualified candidates.

Medical Insurance: 

medical insurance is granted to all BEST employees in many hospitals and medical centers in all over kingdom. 

Sophisticated Educational Environment: 

Based on the concept of modern management, BEST provides an optimal educational environment that leads to constant successes. BEST work environment is characterized by administrative and career stability, which strengthens our staff members’ affiliation to BEST.

Incentives System:

• BEST developed an incentive system that provides a wide range of opportunities to our staff with their different specializations and potentials.

• Our incentives include annual increments for staff members and accumulative moral incentives that offer promotion opportunities to higher managerial ranks and titles.

How to join BEST’s staff: 

To join our team, send your CV to: